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Best Destinations For A Package Holiday: Our Top 6

Best Destinations For A Package Holiday

With spring already here thoughts will undoubtedly have turned to summer. Or to be more specific, were you can go to for your well earned summer holiday. At Claim on Holiday we love nothing better than some time away from it all, and have been busy planning our own holidays. Here is what we have decided are the best destinations for a package holiday in summer 2017.


Spain in the most popular destination for British holiday makers for a reason. There is plenty of choice, great weather, and it is not too far away which means flight times are manageable. All at a price which is comparable with many other destinations.

Spain’s popularity also comes from being able to offer something for everyone. From the hectic nightlife of Ibiza to the relative quiet of Menorca whatever your tastes there is a resort to match. If culture is your thing then try Catalonia. A great combination of historic cities and towns accompanied by sandy beaches.

For a quiet break away try Fortmentera. A secluded island in the Balearic’s reachable only by ferry.


Greece is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. And with miles of beaches, great weather for the majority of the year and timeless history its easy to see why over 12 million people a year choose to holiday in Greece.

Much like Spain, where you decide to holiday in Greece depends on what you are going on holiday to experience. If its nightlife you are after then Zante and Kos will be for you. For something more secluded try the exclusive resort of Santorini, where you may bump into an A-list star!

Those who have done the traditional destinations and are looking for something new should try Halkidiki. This is an up and coming destination which is situated on mainland Greece. It’s northern location also means flights are around 45 minutes to an hour shorter compared with flying to the normal Greek holiday islands.


Croatia is on the brink of becoming Europe’s next big holiday destination, quickly catching Greece in numbers of holidaymakers. Package holidays are particularly popular here because of the hundreds of miles of unique coastline along the Adriatic sea.

Croatia has drawn most of its popularity from staging music festivals in various locations along its coast. These have grown to become some of the best in Europe and attract some of the biggest names in the industry. You need to be quick if your planning on attending a festival over the summer as tickets are in short supply.

The town of Brela is the perfect spot for a vacation. In a secluded spot on the Croatian coastline, Brela is known for its great seafood restaurants and on of the best beaches in the world. Punta Rata was voted one of the best beaches in the world by Forbes magazine.


Many travellers are currently choosing to avoid Turkey due to the current political climate. However the Foreign Office currently advises that it is generally safe to travel to Turkey as long as you are alert of your surroundings and remain vigilant.

With so many choosing to avoid Turkey, it is quickly becoming the destination of choice for those looking for summer sun at a bargain price. Even the most popular resorts of Antalya, Bodrum and Izmir are available at incredible prices if you shop around.


For those looking for something a little further afield why not try somewhere spectacular, modern and glamorous? Dubai offers you a setting unlike any other in the world.

Unlike Turkey above, this isn’t a destination to try to do on a budget. This is a place for people planning to have that once in a lifetime holiday. You will want to ensure your holiday is long enough to see and do everything Dubai has to offer. This will probably include staying in one of the best hotels available, and is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t try to do this destination on a budget.

The best months to visit Dubai are June and September. As in July and August temperatures routinely reach over 40°C, too hot to spend any significant amount of time outdoors.

Cape Verde

Cape Verde is sometimes only thought of as a honeymoon destination. However this island group off the coast of Africa is becoming more accessible for holidaymakers every year. The scenery here is some of the best found anywhere in the world. Crystal clear blue waters and endless beaches contrast with volcanic mountain peaks. There aren’t many places to relax and forget about all your problems.

Cape Verde is a collection of around a dozen islands each with their own character. Sal attracts the most tourists. Chosen by those who like having the most options when it comes to activities, shopping, bars and restaurants. On the other end of the scale is São Nicolau, an island tourism hasn’t really found yet. If its an unspoiled oasis you are after is it worth searching out accommodation on this island.

Looking For Something Else?

If you would prefer something a little closer to home, then take a look at our top cities in the UK for a weekend break. Or if you want something a bit different try our alternative holiday destinations.

Have we missed out any of the best destinations for a package holiday? Then let us know in the comments below.

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